2013 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test

The Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is scheduled for Saturday October 5, 2013. All county ARES/RACES teams in the State of Wisconsin and encouraged and expected to participate. The scenario for this year’s event is as follows:

2013 Wisconsin ARES/RACES SET

Situation: Wisconsin has experienced a severe drought. There is a red flag warning for the entire state as weather conditions are prime for wild fires and forest fires.

Concept of operation: Each DEC shall with their EC’s set a plan to deploy and operate remotely. To transmit from each district a report by each DEC or designee containing the counties in their district taking part in the drill, if they are deployed or not, and the containment of the fire in their area and if there is any mutual aid to other districts. Containment info is made up and for drill fun only.

Modes: Each district can use any mode it wants but traffic to ARES leadership should be sent as follows,

1. Winlink.

2. UHF Voice on the Wisconsin Interstate Network.

3. HF Voice .

Each county can send as much traffic as they want to the district level however to manage a drill this large only district level traffic should go to the state level.

Duration of the drill: While times may vary, the drill should run for at least 2 hours.

Northeast Wisconsin District SET

For the counties in the Northeast Wisconsin District, we will be operating the District hamshack located at the Wisconsin State Patrol headquarters in Wausau. Counties should be using their own frequencies and nets for local operations. The district hamshack will be staffed from approximately 9:00am to noon on October 5th.

In this year’s SET scenario, you are expected to contact your DEC in one of the following methods (listed in priority):

  1. Winlink 200o
  2. District voice net
  3. HF via the BEN

To contact the district via Winlink2000 (preferred), please use one of the following addresses:

  • NE District Winlink address: wi9wem@winlink.org
  • NE DEC Winlink address: kb9vbr@winlink.org

The District will be monitoring the following wide area linked repeaters to receive traffic:

  • NE Voice repeater: 444.425 MHz PL114.8 Wausau  (linked to 442.550 Suring repeater)
  • WIN Voice Repeater: 442.200 MHz PL 114.8 Wausau (linked statewide)
  • Onedia/Vilas Counties: 146.94 MHz PL 114.8 Rhinelander (will be monitored in Wausau)

To contact via the Badger Emergency Net (BEN) please format your traffic as an NTS radiogram and submit it to the noon BEN net.

Information to pass to the district

As part of the SET you should send one peace of voice traffic via any method to the district who will pass the information to the SEC and the ARES training ASEC outlining the following:

  • Number of members our your roster,
  • Number taking part in the drill,
  • Location of your remote operating site,
  • if you will be having a social event after the drill to “Debrief “.


At the conclusion of your county SET, county ECs should fill out the ARRL SET Form A. District and State nets will fill out the SET Form B. Email a copy of your Form A to your DEC and directly to the ARRL.


Set Scenario SET

SET Outline (WI ARES/RACES) Set Outline 2013

SET Scorecard SET Scorecard

SET Form B (ARRL) Form B SET 2013

SET Form A (ARRL) Form A SET 2013










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